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Tiskara Grafpex - tiskara s tradicijom

Flexibilna ambalaža

Brojne mogućnosti fleksibilne ambalaže odgovaraju na sve veće zahtjeve potrošača

Tisak etiketa

Razne vrste etiketa sa doradom foliotiska, reljefnog tiska, štancanja ...

Izrada ambalaže

Odjenite svoj proizvod u ambalažu kakvu zaslužuje

Promotivni materijali

Od posjetnice do kataloga, od knjige do monografije. Sve na jednom mjestu.


We implemented ISO 9001 and HACCP

Following the introduction of international standard ISO 9001, Grafpex doo implemented the HACCP food and beverage quality management system to ensure that its customers will satisfy their product and customers who are extremely important in the process of manufacturing food products. The international standard ISO 9001 regulates the process management of printing services and environmental […]

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Label make a difference

Grafpex etiketa Čarli

In the “forest” of the same products on the shelves, the store, except for the price, at first glance, makes a good impact on the purchase decision of good packaging and / or label. According to some surveys, effective packaging for the consumer acts as a 5 seconds video commercial. Contact us with confidence because […]

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For a number of years we are one of the leaders in the production of labels, light packaging and promotional materials. Unique service of producing all types of labels and a combination of several printing techniques allow us to provide our clients with superior service and the ability to print labels on rolls or on […]

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