tiskaraGrafpex printing company is, for a number of years, one of the leading printing companies in the production of labels, light packaging and promotional materials.

Unique service of producing all types of labels and the combination of several printing techniques allow us to provide our clients with superior service and give us the ability to produce labels on rolls or sheets.

Years of experience guarantee our quality we are recognized for by not only domestic customers, but also by a large number of foreign customers and users of our services.

We are technologically equipped with modern machinery and our greatest asset is our team: specifically educated and trained to work with new printing technologies.

We offer a complete service from conceptualization, preparation and production of the final products to the technical support on the labeling lines, so that the clients can have minimal concerns about packaging and can devote their efforts to their own products.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed by well trained personnel, cutting-edge technology, maximum environmental awareness and selection of the printing repro materials of the highest quality.