Tiskara GrafpexWe are offering the possibility of printing on sheet on B2 and B3-format Heidelberg machines for printing self-adhesive and wet glue labels and for printing a variety of packaging, boxes and all other marketing material.

In addition to high-quality production, we are proud of our quick print finishing which includes foil stamping, perforating, blind embossing, die cutting, slitting and folding sheets in B3 format as well as producing glue bind customized paper stationary by specially trained staff using a machine for cutting, collecting and gluing.

On Heidelberg B3 format machines we offer the possibility of finishing printed materials in foil stamping technique with a large number of colored foils as well as the ability to protect the product by printing hologram foils.

In this way you can enrich your products and help them to be more prominent as well as to get more luxurious look.

foliotisakFoil stamping is a high-printing technique that presses hot magnesium patterns and transfers different metallic foils on the substrate. Our offer includes a wide variety of foils that will enhance your product and take its visual image to a higher level. Our offer includes foils from all renowned manufacturers in shiny or matte versions and in various colors according to the color catalogue, in metallic or solid color variants. We also offer possibility of foil stamping on sheet up to B3 format or on roll on all laminated, structured and special papers, as well as provide service to other printing companies to enhance covers in leather, canvas or any other material.

Embossing (“blindruck“, blind embossing) is a technique that uses molds to create relief images either raised or recessed and designs on the paper surface. This procedure requires the use of two molds – male and female molds – resulting in shaper edges of the embossed impression. The depth of the impression depends on the type and thickness of the material – in general, the thicker and softer the material, the more pronounced impression.

The best results are accomplished in combination of foil stamping and blind embossing and thus your product gets added value and stands out among the competition.

StancanjeWe can offer you several techniques of die cutting (slitting). Slitting is mainly used for finishing self-adhesive labels. It is required part of printing on roll technology; only finished label remains on the silicon substrate, all the excess material around the label is removed. Die cutting the product with the tools in plywood board (flat bed die cutting) has multiple purposes in a large number of products and gives you the ability to have your final product in any shape you want it to be. We use rotary die cutting when die cutting labels used in fast filling lines because it is a lot faster and does not leave any marks on the edge of the label that could interfere with applying labels to bottles. For this purpose it is necessary to use forged tools that have a long lifespan.

Large number of products can be UV varnished, using spot or full varnishing.
UV varnishing is very suitable for labels in rolls since it protects the label from moisture or mechanical damage. Also, labels can be varnished in a high-gloss or matte version, according to the client’s demand. In printing on sheet technique spot UV coating is mostly used to highlight certain detail, and remarkable results are achieved when combining matte lamination and spot gloss varnish.